Web! App!

due December 5, 2019

You are working for a new startup that is looking to launch a software as a service (SaaS) desktop web app for companies to use internally. You will be researching the market and meeting with employees to determine the needs of the business and then developing an MVP based upon your findings.

Thus far, we have been designing for customers as the end user, but now you have to consider multiple kinds of users:

A good example of a SaaS is Gusto



Project Scope

You will be designing a new solution. If the company is already using a product, then it is a competitor, and you should design a superior software. Don’t try to change the existing product.

Because you are launching this product, you need to ensure that this is a service that would be useful to multiple companies.



You are required to find people inside companies to talk to. You should focus on startup companies in the tech industry that have grown to a number where they are starting to need some HR-related system (at least 8-10 people). This is why it is critical to start ahead so that you have time to plan and visit offices prior to the dedicated project week. Research can be done through Skype if you are connected to companies elsewhere.

Suggested categories Pick only one

Considerations to assist in determining where to focus:




Thursday + Friday + Weekend




Presentation (6 minutes)

You will present in front of a jury panel composed of 2 UX/UI Designers. Think of this as an opportunity to get an outside opinion from someone who is actively and currently working in the field. Working in a high pressure situation in a safe environment is going to be great practice for you ahead of job interviews.

Your presentation should answer the following questions:

  1. What did your research show you?
  2. What variations on your design did you explore?
  3. How were your design decisions connected to your research findings?
  4. How would a user operate your final design?
  5. How did your design change based on testing with users?
  6. What features are on your 3–6 month roadmap?
  7. How did you determine which features to ship first?